About Us

For ages the important wardrobe element - shoes, created by hands of a craftsman, have been valued for their high quality. Since 1991 the craftsmen of our family company offer exclusive women, men and children’s shoes to those, who value bespoke individuality and uniqueness.
Each pair of shoes available at our internet shop is handmade from natural materials that allow to achieve a high quality guarantee. We use in-house made rye flour klister to glue the shoe shape holding elements. Use of such technology is healthy for the feet, it is virtually allergen-free and ensures high hygiene requirements. Acetone-based glues are used for attaching the soles of the shoes.
In addition we also offer individual shoes made in accordance with the wishes of the client.
In our design and modelling department it is possible to develop your own design line, realise a sketch and to model non-standard size shoes. We regularly collaborate with theaters, cinema studios, events and fashion shows.
Our credo and values:
 professionalism
 creativity
 timely service
 affordable prices